Beautiful small sketches by Leigh Lambert are available from Diane Hutt Gallery. They follow the main collection works and titles; with the monochrome background and highlighted with the stronger colours that is evident across his whole collection and is a well loved style.

Leigh Lambert Overspill Got

Overspill Sketch

Firstly we would like to share a special edition overspill sketch of We Gotta Get Out of This Place. It is beautifully mounted and framed; with the rare overspill artwork painted by hand. A continuation of the image onto the mount. A great and unique effect to a very small proportion of his artworks.

Here We Go Again

As the kids race down the cobbled streets, Here We Go Again brings back many childhood memories that so many of us share; being out all day; owning an old chopper bicycle; rushing home for tea; plus so much more.

Available all framed, in a double mount and in the standard frame all ready to hang.

Leigh Lambert Here We Go Ag
Leigh Lambert That Kept The

That’s Kept Them Quiet

The popular Ice Cream Van, has become a well known subject in many of his sell out artworks. That’s Kept Them Quiet is a great example of the memories of the past; the outdoor life; the treat for being good; you can nearly hear the music playing.

Once Again, this piece comes in the standard format already to hang.

The Sketches by Leigh Lambert are a great addition to his collection; whether you prefer a piece on canvas or paper; we have many available for you to choose from.

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