Our British Wildlife Art by Aaminah Snowdon at the Diane Hutt Gallery is very well received by customers. Her loose style accompanied with the light hearted humour portrayed through her drawings certainly makes the viewer smile. In addition to this popular work, we also recommend that you view Nicky Litchfield; Anthony Dobson; Debbie Boon. With a artist joining us soon – watch this space.

AS Homebirds AFrame


Two amorous puffins, titled Homebirds is a popular piece in the gallery, with the contrasting colours within these well loved and popular birds.

The presentation is the Standard Artist Frame, however we have many other options to choose from, along with the amazing AR Glass! Once you have experienced the clarity of the AR Glass, you will not consider anything else.


Mischief is an ever so cute baby fox cub, with the sweet little paws up on the log, along with the cheeky little expression portrayed in the loose style of drawing.

Very hard not to smile at this picture!

Showing in our Frame Number 55 Taupe. (55 Charcoal Black is also very popular)

AS Little Mischief FR55
AS Quick Hello Framed

A Quick Hello

A Quick Hello is a very apt title for this beautiful bird picture of the well loved garden robin. They do just that, always coming to investigate close to you. Always curious and looking for those lucky little food finds whilst you are gardening.

Let’s Not Dilly Dally

Let’s Not Dill Dally is a superb portrayal of a family of hedgehogs on a mission. It has a huge appeal, especially with the little hoglet trailing at the rear as it’s attention is drawn to the bumble bee. We are lucky to have these beautiful creatures in our gardens.

Beautifully mounted and framed ready to hang in the standard frame.

AS Lets Not Dilly Dally AFr
AF Little Bird FR55

A Little Bird Told Me

How sweet is A Little Bird Told Me ? Charming young fawn with it’s little friend.

We have framed many of these artworks and can also recommend that 55 Charcoal Black works beautifully with the colourings and inner mount detail.

Ginger Nut

Ginger Nut is one inquisitive squirrel peeping around the corner with a very cheeky expression. What is there not too smile about!

This style of work lends itself to the wispy ears and tail of this little creature who visits our garden.

Showing in the standard frame, however works in all the options that are available. You choose!

AS Ginger Nut AF

Above are some beautiful examples of the British Wildlife Art by Aaminah Snowdon. A great collection to choose from in a selection of frame mouldings that all compliment the work. Please take time to view the collection.