The wonderful watercolour animal art by Jake Winkle is very popular within the Diane Hutt Gallery. The style and colours attract our customer’s attention; along with the movement and characteristics of his chosen animals. A greater framing selection is now available!

JW Bounding Cockapoo F55T

Our customer’s favourite

Our customer’s favourite piece of art from the collection!

The loose style enables Winkle to portray the character of the big smile; along with the speed of movement this adorable dog artwork manages to convey to it’s viewers.

This picture shown is presented in the standard double conservation mount and framed in one of the most popular mouldings for this artwork. (Frame 55 Taupe)

A large portrait artwork of an appealing handsome highland cow.

Winkle achieves the windswept motion for the viewers by his well loved loose style and the colourful palette of colours within his subjects.

Again this is a popular piece with our customers and is pictured here in Frame 74 matt black frame (Width 4cm x Depth 3cm)

JW Hare Spray Framed

Inspired by Light & Movement

An exuberant racing hare, bounding along at speed. A superb piece of work.

The motion and movement is perfect, technically and for the viewer. The wonderful palette of colours and painting skill to achieve and capture the speed shows his true ability.

So the image is shown in the standard frame – 153 black (a distressed 4.7cm wide frame). A great selection of mouldings to choose from in various sizes and colours.

A very humorous picture, with a family of three beautiful giraffes that look like they are smiling for the camera.

The more you view this piece, the more you see that makes you smile. Whether it be the tilt of the head; the ears being dropped down with the humorous smile. This is all achieved due to Winkle’s artistic style with the colourful palette keeping them all very light hearted.

This collection is available in many formats, whether you prefer double mounted, back and cellophane wrapped. Ready to hang in a great selection of quality wood mouldings. Don’t forget to look at the amazing AR Glass, which offers clarity, non reflective qualities and the bonus of 70% UV protection.

JW Ello Ello Ello MOUNTED
Anti Reflection Glass, clarity, 70% UV protection

Why choose the Amazing AR Glass?

Artglass has amazing Clarity, from certain viewing angles the glass is invisible. Zero colour shift and provides up to 70% UV protection, whilst designed to reduce reflection.

Normal picture float glass is perfectly acceptable, however creates reflection, imperfections can cause the framed image to appear duller.

We love the visual difference!

Furthermore, you can visually see that spontaneity is playing it’s part in this wonderful watercolour animal art by Jake Winkle.