A great collection of artworks that depict the wonderful adventures of Toby by Stephen Hanson. The images certainly create laughter, smiles and bring back many memories of our own fur babies at home. The story of Toby has become well known over the years at the gallery and the signature red ball in every picture, with the odd exception!

Toby – Lost At Sea

Lost at Sea – Is a popular piece from this collection that shows a calm portrayal of Toby gazing out to sea, wondering how to retrieve that signature red ball. All the artworks in this collection come in various options, print only (with free single conservation mount and backed ready for framing. Alternatively you can select from a range of quality frames, along with the amazing AR Glass.

Lost At Sea FR45
Lost At Sea
Christmas Dinner Frame 74
Christmas Dinner

Christmas Dinner

Christmas Dinner – that time of year when the temptations for Toby have certainly got the better of him. A fantastic colourful image, with lots of humour and the regretful eyes of Toby which certainly make you smile.

This artwork is also available with a free mount or in a great selection of mouldings, along with the incredible glass that offers so much clarity.

Making an Entrance

Making an Entrance – the joys of having a canine friend like Toby in the unpredictable weather. We have all been here, as they scamper through the doorway with their muddy paws and that inevitable whole body shake. We still love them to bit.

Available as before mounted print or framed in one of the standard frames or many more

SH Making An Entrance F45
Making an Entrance
Bathtime FR74 E1565355184644
Bath Time with Toby

Bath Time

Bath Time is certainly a popular piece within the gallery and online. Whether they love or hate this time, the question is Who’s turn is it? Waiting for that whole body shake, or jumping around it is inevitable the floor is going to become rather wet.

Showing Frame Number 74 (standard colour – black), available in many other colours and metallics.

We have selected a few to show, however there are so many great works of Toby by Stephen Hanson – please view all art here