Stephen Hanson, a digital artist is extremely popular with our customers at the Diane Hutt Gallery for many many years now. Offers a great collection of work that captures the character in his well loved work. He attended art college in Batley, Yorks in 1982 and was accredited with a distinction in graphic design and illustration. Since then he has drawn and painted for a living in the book publishing and film animation business for all of his working life. Furthermore he completed a two year freelance contract with Aardman Animation, creators of Wallace & Gromit. This can be seen in his well loved character adventures. Certainly admired for their light-hearted humour.

His first exhibition as an artist being very successful, but more importantly it opened the possibilities for him in fine art publishing. Stephen Hanson and his wife, Lisa then set up their own business. This was for the sole purpose of bringing Stephen Hanson artist digital paintings to the world of galleries. In turn, this now gave him the opportunity to maximise his own creative ideas. Along with ensuring that the best quality is delivered to his clients.

Stephen Hanson work certainly makes you smile. A great collections to choose from, the Life of Toby, Cat and Friends Collections. Great selection of framed options, plus amazing AR Glass!

Stephen Hanson, Digital Artist

Friends Collection 1

Friends Collection

Toby Collection 1

Toby Collection

Cat Collection

Cat Collection