We are proud to display such a statement piece of art by Frank Pretorius, which is currently gracing our walls at the Diane Hutt Gallery. A stunning equine portrayal from his amazing collection of wildlife and equestrian artworks.


Storm is a magnificent piece of original art which is certainly striking, full of texture and would make a great statement for any room.

The fine art that Frank produces certainly captures the movement of all his chosen subjects. The detail of the horse in this artwork is exquisite; with the contrast of the strong colours in the background; which is a great example of his ability to focus the viewer directly to his subject.

His equestrian works have been well received and as as artist he is growing from strength to strength. He has been drawing and painting full-time since 2018, however the passion comes from his early years. Whilst he never stopped painting and drawing, his two-decade long career in advertising has hibernated the childhood dream of painting full time.

Frank Pretorious Storm
Statement Art – with the Wow Factor!

Fantastic collection of wildlife and horse portrayals bursting with colour and detail. This statement piece of art by Frank Pretorius certainly offers the wow factor to it’s viewers. A full collection of limited edition artworks including animals such as tigers; zebras; rhinos and of course a great selection of horse artworks. All available to view online or in the gallery.