Speciality Glass and Repairs
AR Glass Photographs


A clear non reflective glass (not etched).   Also called waterwhite, clear colour …


Standard regular picture glass (float) is approximately 2mm thick and is reflective.  For large artworks, we recommend thicker glass

Diffused (etched) – Non Reflective

We have found our customers either love it or hate it (due to the slight loss of sharpness).

Conservation – UV Filter

Conservation Clear Standard glass offers high level of UV protection from exposure to indoor and outdoor light rays. (Museum Glass)


Acrylic Glazing can vary greatly in quality.   For a quality piece of acrylic there are various advantages.

Mirror Glass

Mirror glass comes in various thickness sizes.

Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

FOR REPLACEMENT GLASS FOR FRAMES and MIRRORS – Please visit the Gallery in Uckfield with the frame