Sam Toft, humour artist continues to appeal  and is becoming more popular with her light humour artwork & paintings.   She likes to work with oil pastel crayons, that she applies very quickly.  In contrast then adds ink on top of the oil pastels which dries opaque, then she scrapes it off to give various textures.  Most of Sam’s work is done on a small scale.   Artist Sam Toft is well loved for her quirky artwork, which incorporates her well known characters – Ernest Mustard and Violet Mustard along with their eccentric pets and friends.  Working as a full-time artist for many years now.

Her history

Born in June 1964, her earliest ambition was to work in a post office.  Instead she has been a fire extinguisher salesman, a silver service waitress, a death grants advisor, a Wedgwood Rooms worker to name just a few.   Having lived in many places, but now has finally settled in Brighton & Hove.  Graduating from Kingston Polytechnic with a BA in Applied Social Science.

First of all she had no idea what to do, but knew that she would never be a Poet.   A career in the civil service was not well tolerated and catering management wasn’t really where the heart was.  Change in direction was needed. sharpish.  Moved up to Liverpool and did a BTEC in General Art and Design at City of Liverpool Community College. 

Due to an inspirational teacher by the name of Hering who gave her the confidence to give it a go with her pictures.  As a result, she made so many handmade cards (does anyone remember them?) and applied herself to illustration work.  Producing caricatures and making wedding invitations.

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We’re not lost, We’re on our way By Sam Toft
We’re Not Lost, We’re on our Way by Sam Toft

Most noteworthy, she met Mr Mustard a while back dawdling along the seafront.  He is so glad to have her drawing him in pictures, colouring them in so well and hardly ever going over the lines.  The pictures are in some lovely galleries and are shown at art fairs.   Popular in the United Kingdom as well in America.   Being incredibly modest individual and would respectfully advise you,  “if you like her work at all, to buy one of her masterpieces sooner rather than later, as if she gets any more famous you won’t be able to afford one”.

“I am lucky that the accident of my birth left me at the edge of things – ever watchful, observant and compelled to link scenes and memories into some kind of narrative.  Stripes, textures, delicious whiffs, children’s rhymes, eccentric characters, lovely hats, nostalgic tunes and beautiful dogs are all things that catch my attention and fuel my imagination.   Very grateful to these favourite things that make my creativity possible.  Along with my eyes, my hands and especially my mum”.

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Sam Toft Artist is well loved for her quirky signed limited edition prints, due to her well known characters she incorporates in the artwork. Hence, Ernest Mustard and Violet Mustard found in the Sam Toft artist prints, along with their eccentric pets and friends. Certainly, Sam’s narrative paintings are quirky, fun and beautifully composed