Hot of the press, released today by the publisher of Michael Abrams; two stunning new pieces that are very limited, to only 25 of each. These artworks certainly capture all the feelings and emotions that Michael portrays in all his artworks. Reserve your copy today at Diane Hutt Gallery.

Let Us Remember

The first of his two new releases is Let Us Remember. A truly stunning contemporary piece that evokes so much emotion from days gone by.

As the sun breaks through the clouds down at the Seven Sisters on the south coast, his whimsical characters share the moment with their furry friend. You do not need to write alot about this nostalgic piece, the image itself does all the talking.

All presented in the standard frame set up, allowing our customers to add to their collections.


Let Us Remember, by Michael Abrams
Wings of Freedom, by Michael Abrams

Wings of Freedom

Wings of Freedom also incorporates spitfires, this time a solitary one, as it flies over the countryside. The addition of the red poppies just lifts the mood as the characters climb over the style towards the open fields.

This artwork also shares with it’s viewer’s alot of sentiment; the beauty of the countryside; heart warming moments; love shared and much more.

Again this piece is very limited to only 25 copies! This artwork also comes framed already to hang.

A great selection of artworks, along with the ones released today by Michael Abrams. All the artworks come framed ready to hang, Certificate of Authenticity and Free UK Mainland Delivery.