Philip Gray seascape paintings are wonderful tranquil coastlines with mainly a calm gentle palette of colours. Whilst there is calm he is still able to create that wow factor for any room. Gray’s artworks are very well known. His original paintings being sought after by many collectors and our customers alike.

Although his paintings are inspired by places, including the unusual, it is the South West coast of Ireland that he always returns to. His peaceful depictions of the shores and harbours of home provide us with the opportunity to escape the chaos of day to day life. So we too can appreciate the wonder of the natural world as interpreted by a master of the genre.

“With a great love of the sea, born out of experiencing the joy and freedom of the ocean wave, above and below the surface. I spent 17 years as an Irish navy diver. As I lean over the side of a ship heading towards a new destination, I still feel that the ocean is speaking to me with a thousand words and a thousand visions. I want to visit places where people seldom venture, but also where an artist has never painted. New life challenges provide the impetus for my work and are an essential element of my painting process.”

The limited artworks that are created from his originals are a great representation. Presented as canvas on board, all framed ready to hang.

So if you are looking for that secluded bay, or that dramatic mountain top – Philip Gray is able to offer something for everyone.


Philip Gray seascape paintings are certainly a great addition to the Diane Hutt Gallery and are a very popular choice.