The new collections are coming in thick and fast at the moment. Having had new art from Sam Toft. Gary Walton, Dale Bowen, Alison Johnson and Jo Quigley, we now have new sculptures and art from Doug Hyde!

And what makes Doug’s collection more interesting is that he creates and combines artwork with sculptures, so if you like his style of work, there is something for everyone.

Any Dream For You, by Doug Hyde

Any Dream For You

Very simple, really lovely and extremely calming. Any dream for you really hits the spot, making it more prominent with the beautifully mounted and framed options that Doug’s art offers.

With lots of frame options and our amazing AR Glass, another sure winner from Doug!

Family Tree

More characters have been added into this piece of work. Family Tree is full of love (hearts) and is a brightly coloured artwork that is typical of Doug Hyde.

Sitting in a treehouse with the beloved dogs – what more could you want!

Family Tree, By Doug Hyde

Family Tree

Another adaptation of Family Tree, this time in sculpture form.

This 10 inch sculpture is just a little bit of love and happiness all rolled into a typical Doug Hyde piece of work!

Comes all boxed with Certificate of Authenticity.

Everything For You, By Doug Hyde

Everything For You

Doug loves his hearts to be in his work and this piece is no different. His wonderful bubble headed character again features in Everything For You, holding a glorious red heart on a piece of string.

White frames always really complement his white faced characters and enhance the bright colours he always adds in!

Love Comes In All Shapes And Sizes

A wonderful large piece of artwork here; Love Comes In All Shapes And Sizes features many of Doug’s lovable and recognisable characters.

We really love the way he depicts his favourite animals, his many pet dogs!

Love comes in all shapes and sizes, by Doug Hyde
Cup of Love, by Doug Hyde

A Cup Of Love

This is a particular favourite of ours as it features …biscuits!! And who doesn’t love a biscuit or cookie with a nice cup of tea!

A Cup Of Love is a great idea for a piece of artwork. And still Doug’s dogs make an appearance, even with a biscuit or two around!

I Missed You

I Missed You is all about the warmth…love, hugs and that lovely warm feeling you get when you have contact with another person.

Even the background of this piece is a warm colour. Doug loves the use of red within his work.

I Miss Love, by Doug Hyde
Here Comes The Sun, by Doug Hyde

Here Comes The Sun

Perfect for the autumnal time of the year – and who doesn’t love a sunflower?

Here Comes The Sun is a wonderfully colourful piece of art, with Doug’s use of red making another appearance, as well as the sunny yellow.

My Sunshine Sculpture, by Doug Hyde

My Sunshine

And following on with the sunflower theme, My Sunshine is a lovely little sculpture depicting Doug’s love of his characters as well as a glorious flower in bloom – again always sunny, always in bloom and always showing a lot of love and happiness.

We love all the New Sculptures & Art from Doug Hyde – in fact we really can’t choose which is our favourite piece of artwork from his new collection!

To view his full collection please click here!