New nostalgic art for October from Leigh Lambert is now available to order. They join a fabulous collection of artworks which are very popular and very well known. His style is instantly recognisable with the monochrome backgrounds and the bright colour coloured highlights he applies to his focal points and characters.

What’s Wrong Mister, Canvas

What’s Wrong Mister, Canvas is the title for the new release for October 2021. His well loved style incorporates the old cobble street with rows of terraced houses and the industrial feel. The smoke coming from the chimneys resonates through his collection of artworks.

This artwork is shown presented on canvas board and presented in the standard artist frame for his collection and is limited to an edition of 95.

Whats Wrong Mister, by Leigh Lambert
What's Wrong Mister, Paper, by Leigh Lambert

What’s Wrong Mister, Paper

What’s Wrong Mister, Paper. The highlights used bring the children to life and certainly brings your focus to the subject of the piece. Although the distant highlights, with the children playing on the space hopper attracts the viewer to look further than just the immediate forefront.

This artwork is presented in a beautiful double mount and again framed in the standard frame. Amazing AR Glass is available on the artwork. We recommend you try it, just for the clarity alone.

As well as this new nostalgic art for October by Leigh Lambert, we have a great selection of Leigh’s work, including the two new releases for July.

So if you would like to see the full range, plus our alternative framing options, then please visit

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