Wow, new for 2022 Sam Toft has created a colourful and characteristically full of sentiment collection. A whopping 11 new titles to choose from. We are pleased to be adding these to Sam’s well loved portfolio of artworks.

Love Moves Mysteriously, by Sam Toft

Love Moves in Mysterious Ways

The first of the new collection to be released as a taster. With less than a month to go until Valentine’s Day this pretty-in-pink – an ideal gift for the occasion. ‘Love Moves in Mysterious Ways‘ is suitably lovey-dovey, and a beautiful example of Sam’s wonderfully whimsical and touchingly sentimental style. 

All come with the publisher v-groove mount, backed and cellophane wrapped. If you prefer, you can select from our frames currently offered and receive your artwork; ALL ready to hang.

If you are looking for clarity, non reflective qualities and UV protection – then the option to swap normal picture float glass (standard) to the amazing AR Glass is for you.

Free Wheeling Spirits

A quirky and fun artwork, Free Wheeling Spirits sums up the nature of the well loved characters. Mr Mustard is having a day out cycling with all his friends and eccentric pets.

Available as a mounted artwork wrapped in cellophane or choose from a wide selection of wood mouldings that are complimentary to the artwork; depending on your requirements.

Please do consider the AR Glass that provides many benefits; including the amazing clarity that is achieved.

Shown in Frame 74 Black
Shown in Frame 55 Taupe

Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

Never a truer saying – Good Things Come To Those Who Wait. A sentiment that can appeal to many; apply to many things. The sentiment shared in this light hearted piece certainly brings a smile; the humour that resonates with the viewer.

Once again, a fun and humorous artwork as Mr Mustard wheels in the trolley as the well loved characters await for their food selection to arrive.

Available as before, mounted or framed with the option for speciality glass.

Time To Make Memories

Time to Make Memories is a very popular size of artwork from Sam’s collections. Hence, there is always a varied selection in this size format, which enables our customers to create a display of several; create a cube effect; so much more.

A colourful artwork full of sentiment of the couple clasping hands as they walk along with their best friend in tow. Creating memories for many.

On The Breeze

A quirky day out at the seaside for Mr Mustard. On The Breeze captures the wind in his clothing, whilst triggering the sense of the smell of freshly baked donuts.

Again the popular size format, with framing selection and amazing AR Glass. The new 2022 is also offering two further titles in this format: In The Pink and Good Day Sunshine

Shown in Frame 5a
Shown in Frame 15 Black

All of the new images on the website will now have a subtle watermark whilst viewing and due to the demand also for copyright purposes. The artworks will not arrive with this watermark.

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