A New Floral Artist Sally Oasis joins the gallery. The artworks are beautiful bursts of colour with dancing flowers which are certainly eye-catching to the viewer. With glorious textures and wonderful loose detail in the flowers, her artwork brings a smile and just makes you think of hazy summer days and wildflower meadows. So we would like to tell you a bit more about this new artist Sally Oasis and her recent arrivals ….

She has finished four new art pieces recently for the gallery: her most recent is The Foot Lights, Shining Light, Scents of Summer and Daisy Shower, just this month. Earlier saw the debut two of Soft Dancing Daisies and Make A Wish. At the Diane Hutt Art Gallery in East Sussex we have them all available.

New Artwork

Daisy Shower

Daisy Shower is one of the latest to arrive at the gallery this month, August 2021. Part of her new collection that brings stunning colour, beautiful texture and artworks that certain get our customer’s attention.

This example of her work shows that a distinctive style carries through her collection of floral paintings.

Foot Lights

Foot Lights is a magical painting with vibrancy and a joyous cluster of bright colourful wildflowers; also from the latest collection to arrive at the gallery.

With the textures drawing you into this painting with the abundance of flowers through to the valley beyond. Loving this artwork.

New Floral Art

As well as these new art releases we have further pieces by the new floral artist Sally Oasis. So if you would like to see the full range, then please

click here