Here is one of our most popular artists. His work is thought provoking and quite inspirational, which is why many of our customer love his work. So we were very excited to find out that in July there were new art releases by Leigh Lambert.

We are very excited that he has now released two new pieces of art in July.

What Do You Like Best Grandad or Chips

What Do You Like Best Grandad or Chips – What an excellent title for a piece of art and definitely the sort of question a child would ask! So many kids have great memories of spending time with grandparents and this painting really portrays that, with the only colour being the fish and chip van and the main characters within it.

With typical British weather and a wonderful seaside promenade, this print is sure to please many of our customers.

What Do You Like Best, Grandad or Chips, by Leigh Lambert
He Always Gets More Than Me, by Leigh Lambert

He Always gets More than Me

He Always gets More than Me – This is another great title. And a sentence that has been used in most families over the years! A seascape painting that is great for this time of the year when so many are holidaying in the UK.

It is a lovely little traditional harbour painting, again with splashes of colour to enhance the key points of the art.

This is one of the things we love about the Leigh Lambert art that we show – he keeps it real and creates artwork that makes you stare at it for ages. There is always something new to see, as well as having that nostalgic “other era” appeal.

Both pieces of art have been based around the favourite in his collections…the Fish and Chips van! This collection is available either on paper, framed or unframed, or if you prefer, on canvas.

As well as these New Art Releases by Leigh Lambert, we have many other pieces of art by Leigh so if you would like to see the full range, then please

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