Superb new art collection from Simon Kenny is arriving at the gallery from one of our well loved abstract painters.

Here is a quick summary of what you can buy from the Diane Hutt Art Gallery.


Cloudsong is a triptych set of panels which are full of amazing colour, along with the resin glazing being that perfect touch which lifts the colour completely.

This set is available as Box Canvas or Float Framed Box Canvas, which leaves approximately 1cm gap between the box canvas and the frame. This style of framing allows you to see the effect of the box canvas. Both formats come ready to hang.

Cloudsong I Cloudsong II Cloudsong III

The Seeker

The Seeker is one of a pair and is synonymous to his work with the striking palette of colours and blending. Once again finished with a superb resin glaze.

This framed artwork is 31″ x 31″ in the standard black frame. We also like to offer our customers the option of the off white version of the standard frame, as it is popular within the gallery.

The Blessing

The Blessing is another 31″ x 31″ artwork with contrasting colours that ties in beautifully with the other work, The Seeker. He has certainly mastered the blending of vivid colours.

Again we offer this piece in the standard l-shaped frame (Black), plus the popular alternative colour – off white

Search For Harmony

A centre piece for sure, Search For Harmony is a large impressive abstract with light coming through at every angle. Along with the superb resin glaze it will undoubtedly catch people’s attention.

Once again this piece is available as Box Canvas or Framed Box Canvas in the standard black or off-white. As mentioned previously this piece is large and measures 55″ x 35″ all framed ready to hang.

Zero Gravity

A newer format of artwork, Zero Gravity is produced as a sphere. This style is proving to be popular, bringing something different to the art world finish and frame techniques

Again this piece comes in the unique sphere shape which has a diameter of 36″ and already to hang.

Zero Gravity, by Simon Kenny

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