Allan Morgan is know for his beautiful landscape paintings. With glorious technicolour skies and wonderful rolling green fields, his artwork calms your soul and just makes you think of hazy summer days and long evenings. So we thought we would like to tell you a bit more about this new art by Allan Morgan, only recently released…

He has brought out four new art pieces over the last two months: his most recent is Shades of Gold, just this month. July saw the release of Golden Treetops, Gentle Light and Spring Pastures II. At the Diane Hutt Art Gallery in East Sussex we have them all available.

Shades of Gold, by Allan Morgan

Shades of Gold – the newest of Allan’s new pieces of artwork and only released in August 2021, this follows along his favourite style of painting, yet with a field completely full of just the one flower – a golden shade of beauty!

This is one of our favourites of his most recent paintings; he has even painted a church faintly in the middleground, adding yet another level to his landscape style of painting.

Golden Treetops

Golden Treetops – A fabulous painting which makes you wonder many things…has it just rained? or just about to? Is there a storm brewing? Is it early morning or later in the day?

This field and treetop painting keeps your interest and draws you in to admire the many wild flowers in the forefront. This is a stunning painting of daisies, cornflowers, poppies and more!

Golden Treetops, by Allan Morgan
Gentle Light, by Allan Morgan

Gentle Light

Gentle Light – With slightly softer skies than Golden treetops, Gentle Light gives off a calmer vision altogether. More muted tones for the flowers he has painted, with mauve, white and pale yellow hues – but still loving the colours of summer.

With slightly darkened skies and a sun that is just around the corner, this painting would be a joy to see on any wall.

Spring Pastures

Spring Pastures – A closer view of the wild and glorious pasture flowers in this painting. With darker skies and perhaps more detail in the flowers and wild grasses, this piece again appeals to all those art lovers who enjoy natural light, summer fields and stormy skies!

Yet another fabulous piece of art by Allan Morgan.

Spring Pastures, by Allan Morgan

As well as these new art releases we have many other landscape and also seascape pieces of art by Allan Morgan. So if you would like to see the full range, then please

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