What is mounted?

Mounted is when a piece of artwork is presented in order for it to be framed or hung. With so many more materials available to artists and picture framers and the increased variety of mediums used,  in turn creates more forms of mounted art.

Artwork on Paper

There are several forms of mounting artworks on paper and many different decorative styles.  The mount is a flat piece of paper-based material which serves as a means of presentation.  Also to perform other more practical functions, other than decoration.   It separates the art away from the glass which is very important when the art is on paper.  Furthermore, it also defines the edge of the art.  As a result giving space between the frame and the edge, which enables the viewer to focus on the artwork.

Artwork on Canvas

A piece of art on canvas is mounted by being stretched onto stretcher bars, prior to framing.   A more widely used way for mounting canvas is to bond the canvas to a board (becoming more popular).   This is often referred to by many publishing houses and galleries as ‘canvas board’.  The bonding process is carried out in a hot press.

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