October Newsletter

Meet Toby & Christmas Log!

Meet Toby who has started our Christmas Log! This year it has opened much earlier than previous years. – That is what we call being organised!

The Log gives you the opportunity to reserve your desired artwork that you wish for Christmas Delivery with three agreed payments. We are now offering this to our online customers.

Example Lost Ball by Stephen Hanson (Framed – £330 including VAT )

Oct- £110
Nov – £110
Dec – £110
FREE Mainland UK and December Delivery

Stephen Hanson has a great collection of Toby artworks that just make you smile!


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New Artworks – Figurative / Landscape / Cityscape

Some stunning new artworks arriving daily at the Gallery.   Whether it be elegant figurative art by Sherree Valentine Daines, who has just released four new artworks with her well loved children down at the seaside.  Landscape Artist Barry Hilton who has just released four larger pieces that are quite a statement in the artist frame.    Also two artworks have just arrived from Cityscape Artist – Henderson Cisz which are presented as box canvas (also available framed)

Please contact the Gallery if you require further informaton or assistance.

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There are further new artworks very soon by Keith Proctor, Fabian Perez, Craig and Caroline Shotton.  Check out our most recent new artworks and originals.

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