Our Leigh Lambert prints display his signature and monochromatic town and city scenes. They all hold a strong sense of nostalgia and days gone by; many of which have been inspired by fond memories of his early childhood, partly growing up in Newcastle, as well as the stories his parents and grandparents told him about these times.

The streets portrayed in much of his work are the streets he played in as a young lad. The Gateshead terrace is frequently appearing, which was apparently owned by his mum’s dad; as well as the East Newcastle house, belonging to his father’s dad.

The appeal of Leigh’s art takes the viewer back to a simpler time. His characters are brightly coloured and are set against bleak adult landscapes, ensuring they always appear brighter than they are. You can visualise so much more when you look in greater detail.

His originals are always highly sought after and there is normally a waiting list for aspiring collectors. Many of his limited edition Leigh Lambert prints have been sold out and new editions are normally over-subscribed within weeks of publication.

Leigh Lambert Prints
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