The Leigh Lambert paintings display his love of monochromatic town and city scenes. They all hold a strong sense of nostalgia; many of which have been inspired by fond memories of his early childhood, partly growing up in Newcastle. Along with the stories, his parents and grandparents told him about these times. The streets portrayed in much of his work are therefore the places he played in as a young lad and take on a much more special feeling.

Leigh’s paintings take the viewer back to a much simpler time. His characters are brightly coloured and are set against bleak adult landscapes, ensuring they always appear brighter than they are. You can visualise so much more when you look in greater detail.

Leigh Lambert paintings really capture a snapshot in time and he really captures a view, normally with the interesting buildings being the focal point.

Whilst Leigh is highly skilled in a range of media, he most commonly works in oils on canvas. He often uses 9mm MDF that he primes with 5 coats of gesso primer on the front, back and sides before commencing any artwork. However, the art can be chosen either on paper or canvas, with the option of having the piece framed.

Leigh Lambert Paintings