The latest releases by Doug Hyde follow his many well loved characters, whilst offering exciting new mediums including LED.

Best Buddies, by Doug Hyde
Best Buddies, sculpture by Doug Hyde

Best Buddies

Best Buddies artwork with the well loved character ‘Monty’ sharing a hug. The artwork is available either mounted or in the standard frame, other options are available, along with the amazing AR Glass.

To compliment the artwork, Best Buddies Sculpture, cold cast porcelain and comes boxed with the Certificate of Authenticity.

Perfect Pals

The title Perfect Pals offers a giclee artwork, along with a superb Perfect Pals Sculpture.

Once again a selection of options for the artwork, plus amazing AR Glass. A giclee artwork presented in the official double mount from the publisher.

Perfect Pals, sculpture by Doug Hyde
Perfect Pals, by Doug Hyde

Love Letter

Love Letter is synonymous to his artworks, with the inclusion of the heart. A symbolic message chalked onto the blackboard.

Available mounted or framed in various options and again the option for the amazing AR Glass. The clarity, UV protection and non reflective qualities certainly makes AR worth considering. Most of our customers who have experienced AR Glass will consider nothing else.

Smile, by Doug Hyde

Keep Smiling

Keep Smiling an amazing new LED artwork, which is available all framed ready to hang.

A mixed media artwork including the LED feature bringing the art to a different level.

The limited edition is individually signed, numbered and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

The latest releases by Doug Hyde certainly offers many formats, whether it be porcelain sculptures, giclee artworks, canvas artworks or the amazing LED.