We are delighted to advise that we have just received our latest arrivals from John Russell at the gallery. They certainly bring bold and vivid landscapes to our portfolio. His ability to capture the peacefulness of the countryside whilst offering a powerful statement is well loved.

Golden Light Original, by John Russell

Golden Light

Golden light is a superb landscape with a simple but strong colour palette that is synonymous to John Russell. The mood he creates for his viewers; conveys calm; silence is golden; quiet and secluded cottage; gentle light that hits the treetops and so much more.

We love displaying these striking artworks – guaranteed to spark up a conversation. They come all ready to hang in the impressive frame set up.

Autumnal Pastures

Autumnal Pastures offers a warm glow that is carried over the landscape with the light highlighting the tree tops and the roof of the hidden away cottage. The feel of autumn being in the air, with warmth being achieved with the gentle hues of colour in the sky and across this beautiful piece.

Once again all artworks come in the impressive frame ready to hang, along with a biography and Certificate of Authenticity.

Autumnal Pastures, by John Russell
Moonlit Trees, by John Russell

Moonlit Trees

Certainly a vivid artwork, Moonlit Trees captures the darkness of the night with the contrast between the sky and the land. The moon is bright and the dark woodland skyline is skimmed with the light as it comes over the tree tops before enlighten the beautiful pasture.

A very warm glow is running through this statement piece and is available to buy framed in the black box moulding with inner off white slip. All ready to hang.

For more information on our latest arrivals from John Russell and other availability please view John Russell Artist Collection