The mystical style and serenity captured in the John Waterhouse prints has made him one of our firm favourites at the Diane Hutt Galllery.

He creates idealised images which have inspired a generation of art lovers. Hi creative process is painstaking and meticulous, involving weeks of preparation prior to working oin the finished oil paintings.

Each piece originates in a memory or an emotion, whichhe may jot down, a quick sketch or something more in-depth. Our customers completely connect with the feelings and often the artworks trigger so many memories; of a time; a place and so much more.

He describes himself as a student of light, explaining the he studies the lights as much as the physical aspects of a landscape.

The signed John Waterhouse prints are available as board only or presented in a stunning frame set up.

John Waterhouse
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If you’re looking for artworks by John Waterhouse, look no further we a great selection to choose from.