At the Diane Hutt Gallery, we offer a wide selection of Iain Faulkner Prints with framing options, along with the amazing AR Glass. His artworks are strong and powerful portrayals of figures that have a great visual impact, without rarely having any narrative.

They are about capturing calm and contemplative moments, intimate exchanges, solitude, sometimes melancholy, heightened in their resonance by the use of chiaroscuro. Iain Faulkner’s use of this technique gives a stark contrast between the light source and the often dark tonality found in his paintings.

There is a stillness in the everyday themes which conveys a sense of inner-reflection. This is accentuated by the formality of his young self-engrossed characters. Emphasised by the light and shadows reinforcing their emotional detachment.

His charcoal drawings are testament to his draughtsmanship; his awareness and acknowledgement of the prime importance of drawing. Controlling the tone and to the peeling back of layers of paint thus revealing an insight into his creative process.

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