The Diane Hutt Gallery is pleased to offer beautifully framed Heather Howe prints. These fabulous landscapes really captures the beauty of the countryside and seascape views in her framed collection.

The artwork is extremely popular within our gallery and using the palette of colours she works with. Her prints all look exceptional; the calmness of the day, the vibrancy of her seas and the detail in the foreground, colours in the trees and much more. These all show her work as individual and very unique. By creating this type of painting, she has always had a strong emotional connection to the landscapes’ changing seasons and weather conditions. With this feeling of engagement for her subject, it obviously translates to many people as her work continues to be much sought after by collectors.

The signed Heather Howe prints have received a really great response from our customers! They are beautifully framed in her chosen frame, all ready to hang.

Heather Howe Prints

If you are looking for ready to hang Heather Howe Artworks, we have plenty of paintings available. Please contact the gallery should you require further assistance.

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If you’re looking for Heather Howe limited artworks, we have plenty of paintings and artwork available from Heather Howe.