We are all getting very excited in our little art gallery in East Sussex. The Gary Walton new art collection is out soon and is sure to be one of our best sellers!

So what sort of art will he be giving us in this new collection of his? Well, frustratingly, we won’t know until the start of September, when it is launched.

Gary Walton New Art Collection

What do we know?

What we do know, is there will be seven new pieces, which is really exciting. They will probably follow along the same lines as his previous work; whimsical, romantic, quirky and two-dimensional, with a real twist on normal reality.

They will be fantastic! Based on the definition of the word Fantasy: the faculty or activity of imagining impossible or improbable things. Don’t you think this is a wonderful description of Gary Walton’s art!

So for now we are just waiting…and finishing up selling the last few pieces from his current collection . Much of this has sold already, so be quick and grab a final special piece.

Then we will be on a countdown to the end of the first week in September, when we will be able to see the first glimpses of the Gary Walton New Art Collection. We can’t wait!

To view his full collection of prints and original paintings, please click here.