We are excited that our Featured Artist Heather Howe in the gallery has many beautiful landscape pictures on display. We are pleased to be able to offer her latest artwork collection, along with two stunning new landscape paintings. Her collection is well admired and popular within the gallery, with the bonus of two sought after artworks currently available.

Ray of Sunshine

Ray of Sunshine is truly stunning, with the glimmering sunlight coming through the dense trees and bushes along this glorious woodland path. This is very typical of the style of painting by Heather Howe.

This is a one off, presented as a stretch canvas, with beautiful texture and detail of the wildflowers at the forefront of the picture.

It comes with a certificate of authenticity, signed by the artist, available in the recommended frame, already to hang in your chosen space.

Ray of Sunshine, by Heather Howe
HHDownto Beach Ltd Edition Prin

Down to the Beach

Down to the Beach is a fabulous walk down to the sea, becoming very well known in her artworks; winding through the countryside with an amazing view of the coastline ahead. This style of artwork is always popular throughout the various collections by Heather Howe.

This is artwork is limited to only 145 pieces. Presented on canvas board, all signed and numbered by the artist and comes with a certificate of authenticity. All framed ready to hang.

As the path meanders down towards the beach, you are captivated by the many wildflowers and scents along the way.

Spring Poppies

Spring Poppies is beautiful landscape artwork, bursting with all the colour and detail of the red poppies, entwined through the other wildflowers within the meadow. As the narrow path works it way through the countryside towards the woodland and the valley beyond; the light glimmers across the treetops. The light catches your eye and creates a mesmerising glow across the whole artwork.

Again, this is another one off and extremely sought after. Beautifully presented on a stretch canvas with a double frame, which certainly makes it an impressive picture. A centre piece for any room.

The framed artwork comes all framed ready to hang, signed by the artist and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Spring Pasture, by Heather Howe, original
Summer Swathes, Canvas Print, by Heather Howe

Summer Swathes

Summer Swathes takes you down that track towards the coastline, with the light shade from the archway the trees have created, allowing the light to gently flicker through.

This a giclee canvas on board limited only to 95 copies from a wonderful collection of landscape artworks. The piece comes all framed ready to hang, all signed and numbered by the artist; along with a certificate of authenticity.

A very pretty painting with the delicate burst of wildflowers, that would proudly sit on a wall in your home.