Ruby Keller

Our current Featured Artist at the Diane Hutt Gallery is one of our top selling wildlife original artists, Peter Worswick, known in our gallery as Ruby Keller.  With an amazing new collection of our commissioned originals arriving at the gallery.  A great selection to choose from with highland cows, goslings, hares, badgers, birds, horses, squirrels, pigs, pheasants, hedgehogs.

Within the Featured Artist collection, an example of his new style of wildlife art.  Providing a gentle background, not in focus, as a result this ensures the detail at the forefront is prominent.   Within the new commissions, there is a selection of  baby animals, whether it be a bunny, gosling or the cheeky badger brothers.   The frame chosen by the artist to compliment the artwork is a stunning spanish moulding, gentle in colour and profile.


About Peter Worswick

An extremely popular art collection within the gallery for the wonderful wildlife and animal artworks.  Ruby Keller is in fact the pseudonym for the highly acclaimed and collectable artist, Peter Worswick.  He is regarded as one of the most collectible artists in the UK.   An award winning artist, he exhibits throughout the UK, including Kensington Palace in London.   Furthermore, his work is also held in private collections throughout the world.

Peter takes a fresh approach to his paintings by experimenting with new styles and techniques.   Hence, in 2010 he decided to show some of his work under the name of Ruby Keller.   As a result, they have proved to be an instant success.  They are now increasingly sought after as Peter works hard to keep up with demand.

New releases

Peter Worswick offers various styles of paintings, from the floral to the figurative.  He has just recently joined Snapchat and images can be seen at peterworswickart

Certainly eye-catching and well loved by our customers.

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Commission a piece

Finally, we can organise commission pieces by our Featured Artist for you.  Please do not hesitate to contact the gallery to discuss your requirements.