Fall in love with art this year, as our artists have expressed their sentiments through their artworks to bring you a great collection to choose from. Looking for that Special Gift this Valentine’s Day? The varied selection covers the sharing of love, gentle light humour, memories of that favourite place, something that you maybe passionate about and much more

Date Night

The first of our selection is Date Night, where the happy couple are sharing the love. This piece comes from a superb collection, with many pieces containing the sentiment of love, with the hearts.

Available in the standard frame, along with the black option. Amazing AR glass is also available, which gives you UV protection, anti-reflective qualities and crystal clear clarity.

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Love Moves In Mysterious Ways

The Valentine’s Release from a well loved collection. The sentiment is expressed through the meaningful titles and is captured in the light hearted artworks. A wonderful collection to choose from.

The daily adventures of the characters certainly make you smile; along with their menagerie of friends.

A very popular collection worldwide, we offer the signed limited artworks. They are available in a quality selection of mouldings. Once again the amazing AR glass is available.

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First New Release for 2022

Falling For Moo

The love shared for these animals is never ending, whether it be the light humour to make you smile, the doleful eyes, contemporary adaptation or just quirky. There is wonderful collections available to choose from. A few others that are worth considering are Nicky Litchfield, Aaminah Snowdon, Debbie Boon, Ruby Keller

This artwork is available all framed ready to hang in a off white ornate frame from the publisher.

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Seeds of Teasels Charm The Voices of Birds

The birds have come together to feed in this delicate and stunning new artwork. The hand applied ‘Gold Leaf’ just takes it to another level. The detail is superb! Take a further look at the full image

Once again, available in a selection of frames, along with an Italian moulding that compliments this amazing piece. The AR Glass is highly recommended.

Certainly a centre piece for any room.

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