Doug Hyde – New Releases 2014

Doug Hyde is a very successful and collectible artist.    Doug Hyde soon became known as “The Man Behind The Smile” with his paintings and his well loved characters.    The well known characters like Monty and Jess have developed throughout the years, with new friends joining them along the way.  In the sell out collections, the limited edition prints are presented on canvas or paper.  To complete his collection of art, sculptures in cold cast porcelain or brass have complimented his artworks.   The new collection has two sculptures.

Latest Doug Hyde Prints

Doug’s most recent characters belong to his first Rural Collection which was first launched in 2013, with a strong emphasis on British Wildlife.

Doug Hyde

About Doug Hyde

He was born in Bristol in 1972, where he became aware of his artistic talent at an early age. After graduation he was in no doubt as to his chosen career, that of a professional contemporary artist.

Doug prefers to produce his distinctive artwork on a large scale, in order to achieve maximum impact with each piece and with his unorthodox use of pastels applied with fingers and thumbs.

Doug has been featured on television both on the BBC and on Channel 4, as well as on local television and local and national radio .  Describing his unique technique and talking about the people and events that inspire his heart-warming work. Inspired by his own emotional responses to life, Doug’s intention is to provoke a positive response in others.  His success in this aim can be seen not only by the huge impact his work has made on the British and international art scene, but also by the money he has raised for two important charities – “Look Good…Feel Better” and “Families for Children” – through the sale of his artwork.