“My work is inspired by two passions, the sheer joy of painting and it’s ability to bring life to a blank canvas and the delight in images both striking and quirky, from the rural characters of Eastern England to the big blues skies of North Norfolk.

Emerging from a career as a Children’s Book Illustrator the desire to create character within the painted image is never far from the surface, and whether depicting Animals, People or Places I aim to convey a very personal impression of each subject, through a progression of expressive paint techniques, colour, light and movement.

I work on Canvas using Heavy Bodied Acrylics and Glaze Mediums, developing the painting with layered application of impasto and brush work to create texture and depth, capturing the energy and vibrance that reflect life and all it’s visual personality.”

Debbie Boon Artist
Debbie Boon Artist

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Whether painting animals, flora & fauna, or portraits, Debbie Boon aims to capture and convey her personal experience of the subject through colour, light and texture.