Born in 1986 and grew up in Barnet, North London. He always had a keen interest in art ever since his grandfather introduced him to the work of John Varley. The renowned 18th Century watercolour artist, as the Varleys are related to the Jeffery family.

Ben first realised he wanted to be an artist in secondary school. A few classmates and him used to have bets to see who could draw the best portrait of someone. As a result, he really enjoyed going to school and showing them to see their reaction. Furthermore he painted a portrait of his dad for a mock GCSE which got admired by the entire art class.

He continued to study Art to degree level. He received a lot of guidance and advice throughout the years but his technique is mostly self taught. When studying Art at College and University, he was mainly left to his own devises. He was given a subject and asked to come up with a portfolio of work and to develop an idea to a few final images.

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Whether painting seascapes, iconic portraits, or wildlife, Ben Jeffery aims to capture and convey his experience of the subject matter through colour, light and texture.