Doug Hyde launches his new Love Counts Collection of 10 artworks to celebrate 10 years of success of his well loved art and characters.   The art is based on what started his success and the style he became very well known for – sometimes described as “the boy with the marble head” We will have to wait until the 7th September to find out whether Monty, Jess, Ted and the others will be joining in on the new Love Counts collection. FOR A SNEAKY PEAK – preview Doug Hyde HERE.

Remember to keep an eye on the website and to check out the offers on Doug Hyde’s current work.  OFFERS HERE

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AUGUST OFFER –  Framed Art – Debbie Boon

Our artwork offer this month is for a fairly recent artist to the Gallery, who has soon joined our top ten artists.   Debbie’s stunning artworks bring movement with her style of painting. The framed artworks have approximately 30% – 40% off.   The offer includes all the artwork collection.   View the images in the standard frame for her artwork, however other options are available. Please contact the Gallery if you require assistance. View Debbie Boon Prints

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There is a new collection of originals arrived in the Gallery from Ruby Keller, Roz Bell, John Horsewell, Lillias Blackie, Allan Morgan and many more.   Check out our latest originals.

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