Tom Butler

Tom Butler cityscape artist works with mixed media to create his eye-catching collection of limited edition prints. The technique and style is evolving over the years. He moved into using mixed media early on. Hence the collage style is now an integral part of his work. It adds intrigue, resonance and (recently) a touch of humour. He finds it an exciting way of working. Furthermore loves being in the studio at the end of his Berkshire garden at every opportunity.

His subject matter has varied over the years. Recently he has particularly enjoyed observing London with all its old fashioned charm and bustle. He says, “Nothing shouts London at you more loudly then a Red Bus in Trafalgar Square or the bright lights of Piccadilly Circus. It’s a place you could never tire of returning to.” Other cities that appeal from an artistic perspective include Paris (where his wife is from), New York, Havana and of course Venice.

He loves to travel and discover new places and I relish the prospect of doing this more and more as his paintings evolve.