Jennifer Hogwood

The humorous slant to the Jennifer Hogwood Art Collection of limited editions prints, brings a smile everytime with our customers within the Diane Hutt Gallery. Her bold distinctive style arises from an unerring sense of colour, a singular talent for observation.  There is a huge affection for Jennifer Hogwood art incorporating the artist’s highland friends.   ‘The McMoos’, Hares and wonderful collection of sculptures.  Her creative imagination and unstoppable flow of new ideas. Hence, she is a major artist in the making.

Just down the road from her house Jennifer’s studio is a former milking parlour on a working farm in rural Wiltshire. While the setting is perfect with beautiful views and a field full of cows just outside the door. It’s always peaceful and this sense of calm makes it the ideal place for her to work. Seeing the cows grazing in the fields, chickens wandering around the yard and dogs ambling in and out is a constant source of inspiration. Animals have always been a big part of Jennifer’s life and she finds their presence comforting; “they have such individual personalities and a lovely innocence about them.”

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