Dee Nickerson

Dee Nickerson is a rural artist to join our art collections of signed limited editions prints. Her personal style and broad appeal has certainly won her many admirers and collectors. Dee Nickerson exhibits her original work at a small selection of galleries in Suffolk, Norfolk, Somerset and London.

Dee’s paintings are inspired by her gentle observation of the natural world around her remote home in Suffolk. Furthermore informed by her deep understanding of everyday country life through the changing seasons. By taking these references, combines them with memories past and present along with a lifelong love of fashion and textile design. Creating pictorial stories that lead the observer into a tranquil world.

Elegantly stylised figures in her paintings, singly or in intimate conversation or activity. Usually often walking with dogs, cats; maybe horses, across fields, through woodland or besides the sea. In addition the changing seasons, recorded in their different colour palettes. The blustery wind, the cold of winter or the warmth of spring captured in these images.

Certainly a great collection of Dee Nickerson prints – available mounted or framed.