Anita Jeram ‘A Dog’s Life’ artwork collection is specifically created for her publisher, Aquarelle Publishing. Each artwork captures the essence of the subject with humour and warmth.  Although she is better known as the illustrator and author of children’s books; particularly the modern classic ‘ Guess How Much I Love You’, written by Sam McBratney.  Our customer’s also love this series and all the sentiment they share.

Constantly drawing, her artwork extends beyond purely illustration.  With a true gift to capture character and emotion with a simple pen mark or with a sparingly placed brush stoke. She is certainly creating images full of empathy for her subjects.  Her constant inspiration is the natural world and particularly the menagerie of animals that share her life.

Each individual artwork is a one of a limited production of 495 produced from her original artowrk. Then individually printed, examined, pass and then hand-embossed as a seal of approval by Anita and the publisher. 

We offer a great selection of quality mouldings on the Anita Jeram A Dog’s Life collection, along with the amazing AR Glass!

Anita Jeram Dog Artworks

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