The Diane Hutt Gallery is proud to offer the Studio Collection of Alison Johnson prints. The fabulous skyscape artist that really captures your imagination in her studio collection.

Alison’s artwork is extremely eye catching within our gallery and using the strong palette of colours she works with, her pieces all look exceptional; the depth in her skies, the vibrancy and contrast of colours in her sea or landscapes certainly brings pleasure to the viewer. The atmospheric style is captured with the loose detail in the striking scapes, land formations, dramatic skies and much more; these all show Johnson’s work as individual and very unique.

Alison also produces original paintings on canvas which are rich with vivid colours, light and an abundance of texture.

They are all signed and number with an abundance of hand finishing which is receiving a great response from our customers, available on canvas and presented in an impression frame set up, all ready to hang.

Alison Johnson Deep Breath

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