Introducing A World of Beauty by John Waterhouse. As one of the best selling British artists, his landscapes invite us to step briefly out of our daily lives and into a world of calm and contemplation.

Through Blossom Fields I

If there is every an idyllic place, then Through Blossom Fields I must be it. As the light hits the blossom at the forefront, it lifts the spirit of his composition. The gentle mood through the valley is softened with the gentle haze in the distance.

Available as board only or in the Artist gun metal frame with an inner off white slip, all ready to hang.

Through Blossom Fields I
Through Blossom Fields II

Through Blossom Fields II

Beautifully lit as the light comes from beyond and filters through the blossom; highlighting the many shades of pink. Through the Blossom Fields II is offering a tranquil setting with the stream meandering along.

The work is exquisitely composed and once again is offered in an impressive frame set up already to hang.

Our Time of Love

Although Our Time of Love is more monochromatic in colour, the detail and light is precisely executed. The setting of the early morning; the sparkle of the stream with the gentle hint of cherry blossom in the distance. Again makes an idyllic spot for that country stroll.

This piece is slightly larger than the earlier two artworks.

Our Time Of Love, by John Waterhouse
Through Dreamers Meadow, by John Waterhouse

Through Dreamers Meadow.

The final artwork, Through Dreamers Meadow, the title is a very good description of the emotions you feel whilst viewing. This is the largest of the new releases and will certainly make a centre piece for any room.

Truly beautiful, capturing the British countryside along with the serenity and beauty; whilst creating the calm and stillness of nature at it’s best.

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